How To Do Magic Tricks



Whether your looking to perform magic to impress your friends, or your wanting to learn how to do magic tricks at a beginner level, or your looking for step-by-step guidance from professional magicians so you can take your magic to the next level, or your looking for easy magic tricks for kids — then you have come to the right place.

This site is composed of some of the finest magicians in the world — whom are ready and willing to to reveal some of their favorite magic tricks in their bag.  Professional magicians whom have already made a name for themselves in the magic industry.

This page will focus on beginner to intermediate magic, and will be broken down by teachings of these three main magicians, and will also be broken down by their specialty.

Below you will learn how to do magic tricks like the masters, and we will provide you some of the best ways to get started.

Below you will find some free gifts:  How to magic videos & audios…  How to perform street magic manual… and also 2 mind blowing card magic tricks you can learn right now absolutely free.

We will cover a wide variety of magic tricks.  From card magic, coin magic, money magic, street magic, mind reading magic & magic with everyday objects.

So strap on your seat-belt — because what your about to learn will be very fun in addition to being educational.

But first we talk about Bryan Dean’s easy magic tricks for kids or beginner magicians — and why it’s imperative you get started off on the right foot whether your a kid yourself, you have children, or your a beginner/intermediate  magician.

Easy Magic Tricks For Kids

One of the leading expert’s in kids magic is a professional magician by the name of Bryan Dean.  With more than 35 years experience as a magician, Bryan Dean is known word-wide as one of the premier magicians in teaching children this beautiful art.

He has compiled 35+ years of his study, research & practice into 4 guides — which include easy magic tricks for kids that are highly effective with simple illustrations.

These four guides allow kids to have fun, while at the same time learn some of the most important factors that all other beginner magic courses leave out.

These magic guides are not only for kids.  Generally, they are for anyone starting out in magic. You can learn how to do magic tricks for your family, friends, significant other, -or- just to break the ice meeting new people at a bar, club, party, etc.

Click video below to learn more about Bryan Dean and his 4 famous magical guides…

Easy Magic Tricks For Kids

The above video details & outlines what’s included in Bryan Dean’s how to do magic tricks course.  There are 4 guides plus one bonus guide for a total of five magic guides.

  1. Magic Tricks With Money
  2. Magic Tricks With Cards
  3. Mind Reading Magic
  4. Magic With Every Day Materials
  5. BONUS – Beginner’s Magic Guide

How To Do Magic Tricks With Money

Magic Tricks With Money

Bryan teaches any start-up aspiring magician how to get up and running fast with the coins and paper money you carry in your pocket.  This book shows you how to perform hours of amazing money magic with little to NO preparation.

These money tricks are so powerful, Bryan still performs them for people in his everyday practice.  Inside are a total of 19 of his favoriteand he shows you step-by-step exactly how to do magic tricks with money.

How To Do Magic Tricks With Cards

How To Do Magic Tricks With Cards

These are not your commonplace -or- mediocre pick-a-card type tricks.  Bryan collected some of the simplest, but the most MIND-BLOWING magic tricks with cards and condensed them into 55 pages of fun!

Totaling 19 amazing card effects that can be performed anytime, anyplace and for anyone.

How To Do Mind Reading Magic Tricks

How To Do Mind Reading Magic

The Amazing Kreskin is probably one of the most famous mind reading magicians in the business. He is built his million dollar business around this concept.

Famous modern magicians such as Criss Angel & David Blaine have also incorporated mind reading into their performances — due to it’s powerful mind-blowing & jaw-dropping effect it can have on people.

Now you too can learn these same powerful strategies & techniques of mind reading magic tricks from the professionals.

How To Do Magic With Everyday Objects

Magic With Everyday Objects

One of the most important factors in being an effective magician is being able to perform impromptu magic with everyday objects.  These are the most fun, realistic & easy magic tricks for kids and adults alike to perform for an audience.

Bryan reveals the secrets to to performing amazing magic with little to no preparation — whether your at work, a party, friends house or a restaurant… you will be able to shock & amaze people by learning these secrets.

Magic Tricks For Beginners Guide

Magic Tricks For Beginners

The magic tricks for beginners guide is included as an added bonus in Bryan Dean’s magic course.  It is designed as the perfect starting point for anyone starting out in the wonderful world of magic.

Magic Secrets THEY Don’t Want You To Know…

Magic Tricks For Kids

FINALLY!  Magic enthusiast Simon Crack exposes magic secrets professional magicians don’t want you to know about.  He has cracked the code to some of the best magic tricks that made magicians Criss Angel & David Blaine famous.  Magic tricks & illusions such as How To Levitate… Thread Through Neck… Coin Through Bottle… And Much Much More….

Here are some of the tricks involved in Simon Crack’s new course…

  • David Blaine Death Pulse Stop: Literally make your pulse come to a COMPLETE stop! Have your audience try to feel for a pulse in your wrists and they WONT detect a beat. This is the same exact feat David Blaine performed on the Carson Daly show just before David ripped out his heart.
  • Criss Angel Quarter Through Can: Take a signed quarter from a any spectator and literally slam it into a beverage can.  This is the same illusion that Criss Angel performed on his hit show Mind Freak.  Considered one of the best close-up magic tricks ever devised.
  • David Blaine Levitation: One of the coolest illusions to perform in magic.  David Blainecaused millions of people around the world to talk about this levitation he performed from his street magic show.
  • David Blaine 360 Arm Twist: A stunningly simple, yet MIND-BLOWING  illusion where you can rotate your whole arm 360 degrees.  This same effect was performed by David Blaine on his hit television show street magic.
  • Criss Angel Rubik’s Cube: The world record for solving the Rubiks Cube is 9 seconds.  With this illusion technique, you can solve it in under one second.   Criss Angel performed this mind-blowing effect on his hit show MindFreak.
  • David Blaine Crushed & Restored Soda Can:  Take a crushed soda can with open top, and wiggle it till it a few times as it fully restores itself.   One of the most amazing close-up magic tricks ever developed, and is a signature piece from David Blaine himself.  This effect is an absolute killer!
  • Bottle Top Levitation: Take a bottle cap off the top of any beer or soft drink and make it to levitate in the air.  Circle your hands around it proving there’s no strings.  Your audience won’t believe their eyes.
  • The Haunted Key: A mysterious key that manages to take a life of its own an move as if by magic.  It actually performs a full rotation in your hand totally unsupported!  Performed by professional street magician Paul Zenon.
  • Cut & Restored Money: Take any form of paper currency, cut them in half, and then magically restore them back to it’s original form.  Your spectators will beg you to perform this trick again…but DON’T!  Leave them wanting more!
  • iCard Trick: A card trick taken to a whole new level.  Watch your spectators amazement as you make their chosen card appear on your iPhone -or- iPod Touch.
  • Ghost Folding Bill: Lay a bill flat in the palm of your hand and watch it magically fold itself — not once… not twice… but 3 times.  A highly impressive trick that is very easy to perform.
  • Uri Geller Spoon Bending:  Uri Geller’s signature piece of magic that not only made him famous, but also made him millions in the magic business.  Now you too can learn how to bend spoons with your mind just like the great one.  A classic magic piece that will never die!  Criss Angel even incorporated these tricks in his MindFreak show.

And Many Many More….

Come learn more about Simon Crack’s mind blowing magic collection that “THEY” Don’t want you to know about

Kids Magic Tricks

How To Practice Magic Tricks

When starting out in magic, it is important to learn the fundamentals, sleight of hand moves, routines, and most importantly… learn how to perform magic in a comfortable & confident manner.

It’s best practice to learn close-up magic initially — cards, coins, money, etc.  Practice in front of the mirror as much as you can to further your skills.  This is the golden rule of magic.

Once you feel comfortable with a trick, you can then move onto the next stage and then start practicing with your family, friends, schoolmates, etc. Although you may feel 100% comfortable with a magic trick you’ve been practicing in the  mirror, realize there’s a good chance you may screw it up the first couple of times you perform for people.  This is just a fact for most magicians.  Whether they be kids magic tricks, or even performing at a professional level.  And it’s best to just accept that now!

Once you have shown your close friends & family your magic,and feel comfortable performing for them, now you can start performing for strangers, and/or street magic.  This can be a great ice breaker for meeting new people.  If your an adult, it can create some nice relationships.  And as a child, it can make for some nice tips.  This is the same basic process that generally all professional magicians can attest to.

So, Start small…  Take it day by day…  Accept failure… Practice… Practice… Practice… And Never Give Up!


Fact is, everybody loves to be entertained, and almost everybody loves magic.  It’s CLEAN… it’s FUN… And it’s ENTERTAINING!

Magic can be very addictive when people start out learning it.  For kids starting out in magic, it can develop their brains in ways that television -or- computer games never will.   It can teach them naturally to be disciplined.  It can keep them occupied and out of trouble.

Magic can make a great hobby… and it can also make for a nice career.  If you want to learn how to do magic tricks at a professional level,  realize that it’s going to take a lot of hard work, time & dedication.

However, if you want to take an interest in this beautiful art to impress your friends, family -or- total strangers, you will soon come to the realization that there is no better feeling than seeing peoples jaws drop, heads spin & minds blown!